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I have several large meetings that I constantly need to track. This is exactly what I have been searching for. A platform to plan out each aspect. Thank you!


Good, if the example data and goals developed by truest task should be a excellent ...

Great app!

This app is exactly what I was looking for. There's only one feature that's missing for me and that's the ability to check off single tasks in a group. But I emailed the developer and they got right back to me. They'll release this feature in a future update. Apart from this being a great app, I also appreciate that the developer is responsive.

Love this!

Ok I have finally found it! An app that tracks my many calendars as well as goals and tasks to keep me on track! I have searched and this one does it all! 1 thing, I wish I could pick the colors for each specific calendar! That would make it perfect!

Time Optimizer Pro

Wish I could get to work

Very Smart!

All new updates are very smart and useful. New version 5.64 is stable and developers reacted very fast to update application to iOS7 - everything now works perfect. Respect!

Time Optimizer Pro Crashes after input

Do not purchase this app. until developer has fix for constant crashes and no data saves. You will find that one you put a lot of time into planning your goals, projects, and days that it all disappears into the digital black hole. Use my review as a money saver! Do not buy!

Александр Высоцкий

Совершенно потрясающая программа для управления временем. Пользуюсь технологией Time Management уже 20 лет, начинал еще с TMI органайзеров. Но все эти годы не было программы, которая действительно удобна, позволяет работать с ключевыми областями жизни, планировать, оценивать время. Ждал появления этой программу уже давно, много что перепробовал, но это - действительно самая удобная и правильная с точки зрения управления целями программа. Пользуюсь ей на iPad и используют для iPhone программу Time Optimizer Companion, идеальное сочетание. Спасибо разработчикам!

From my own experience

I've been using Time Optimizer for a few months. Every day! This app is powerful and convenient, interface is beautiful and user-friendly. It's simple to keep and manage my long-term goals and everyday tasks! Reminders in the new version are very convenient. Time calculator helps planning correctly. Thank you for awesome job! This new update is amazing! I've never seen such convenient and intuitive interface for managing tasks. It is a real novelty: I can define task time and date in a two seconds! Just tap a few buttons instead of scrolling number wheels. Import from Google Calendar is a new serious feature, I can synchronize my data much better! Moreover, this new version makes backup automatically, so I am sure my data is safely stored. Also, very convenient thing in this recent update is "to-do" feature. It's pleasant to me that Time Optimizer gets better and better from update to update. New design with iOS7 style is so nice and simple. Sincerely yours, Evgen Adoniev

Great ap!

I've used several task and calendar aps. This is the best at really keeping you focused on your goals and seeing where your time is going. Also the developer is very responsive to emails and provides quick responses to questions. Pro version is definitely worth it.


Нравится. Рекомендую. Я перепробовал множество подобных программ и остановился на Оптимайзере потому что он неповторим и незаменим. Весь мой день я планирую в нем и я ничего не забываю и не упускаю возможностей. После того как я стал планировать весь свой день, моя жизнь изменилась в лучшую сторону)

Amazing concept, but useless!

This app has all the tools you need to manage time in an efficient and creative way. It has the potential to be extremely powerful. BUT, it will continue to remain USELESS to the masses until it sycs with iCal and outlook calendars. It will be worth every penny when it does syc. For now, save your money...

Almost There

I absolutely love the Gantt chart view for scheduling out my goals for the year. It's exactly what I'm looking for -- almost. There are a few key features I need that are not present. 1) An easy way to contact the company. I have not been able to find a way to send a question to BogushTech. I don't understand this. UPDATE: THERE IS A WAY TO CONTACT COMPANY, I JUST FOUND IT - AN EMAIL LINK ON THE APP. I JUST SENT AN EMAIL ABOUT THE SEARCH FUNCTION -- WE'LL SEE WHAT THEY SAY. 2) A search function. I have a LOT of items to track and sometimes forget if I've entered something, or I need a reminder of some other detail. It is extremely valuable to be able to search for a task by keyword; without this you are stuck scrolling through week after week to look for it manually and that is a frustrating waste of time. 3) Notes. I've read that a notes section will be added. I would hope this would mean a notes section for each individual task as opposed to a separate page or section. If it's not directly attached or a part of the task itself, you can just as well use the native Notes app, which is what I've been doing, but is not really perfect. For right now, it is the search function that kills it for me.


Спасибо за обновление. Я рад что, программа развивается! Лучший Помошник в реализации целей!

Good enough

You should be able to edit (change names) of Key Areas. Nice layout in general. I wish I could have "personalized buckets" to add my goals, and evaluate time invested in each. I think different people like to call "friends & family", instead of just Family. Maybe the feature of editing Key Area is there...I just couldn't find it.

Отличное приложение

Позволяет работать с долгосрочными целями, отличный обзор на много лет вперед, на месяц и на день. Очень удобный в использовании, а после последнего обновления вводить данные (дату и время) стало легко и быстро. Можно создавать конкретные цели, записывать просто идеи, формировать архив целей. Отличное распределение каждой задачи и цели к определенной ключевой области: Физическая, Личностная, Семейная, Работа, Духовность и Общественная. Это помогает концентрировать внимание не только на работе , но и на других сферах жизни. Можно ставить напоминания и фиксировать повторяющиеся события. Невероятно удобная функция Калькулятор: показывает на сколько часов расписан твой день; и если задач больше, чем на 24 часа, то сразу понятно: пора расставлять приоритеты и от чего-то отказываться :) Рекомендую людям, которые стремятся к достижению своих целей, хотят сознательно управлять своим временем и не тратить жизнь на пустяки!

Great app, now put it on the MAC!!!

Title says it all

Good app

Ok.. Takes some getting used to ... But is def an improvement over the others.

I feel cheated

The description of this app said I can customize the key areas and is not true. I wasted my money and I want a refund.

Love it!!!

I've been using Time Optimizer for a while now and love it! The interface is very clean and easy to use. More importantly though, the way the app associates tasks and goals has really helped me figure out what is important and what is NOT. I'm getting a lot more done since I started using it. The pro version is definitely worth the price just to get rid of the ads, but I do like the added view too.

Brilliant App!

This is a brilliant app, it is really amazing! It exceeds by far any other scheduling app I have tried, and I have tried many! It really helps put your attention on your goals, not just merely schedule all your tasks. Also, is very well organized and easy to understand. The quick help is extremely well done and you can quickly get full understanding of how to use its most powerful features.

Great App

Best app for my daily time planning. Easy to use longtime goals and daily task integration. Thank you, Ludmila!

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